The PISCES Community

Alternative versions

Several versions of the PISCES model have been developed to serve the objectives and needs of scientific activities and projects. There are currently three main alternative versions:

  • PISCES-gas which models the cycle of additional compounds emitted to the atmosphere such as N2O, DMS and CO (Conte et al., 2019 ; Séférian et al., 2020 ; Conte et al. 2020).
  • PISCES-iso which represents 13C and 15N (Buchanan et al., 2021).
  • PISCES-Byonic which in addition to Fe, describes the cycles of the trace metals Co, Zn and Cu (Tagliabue et al., 2018 ; Weber et al., 2018 ; Richon and Tagliabue, 2019).

These alternative versions have been developed with the NEMO model and are therefore only functional with this ocean model platform. They are related to the scientific axes 1 and 2.

They  can be downloaded from the gitlab server