The PISCES Community

Ocean platforms

The marine biogeochemical model PISCES is embedded in two ocean modelling platforms, NEMO and CROCO, which cover a wide range of scientific objectives from global to regional scales.

  • NEMO is a global ocean model used for research, operational services and climate science.
  • PISCES is embedded in the NEMO-TOP component, which models the on/off-line transport of passive tracers.
Surface fields of a global NEMO configuration.
Meshing of ORCA grid

  • CROCO aims to resolve coastal and regional fine-scale ocean processes.
  • PISCES is one of the four biogeochemical models that can be activated in CROCO.
South African configuration of the CROCO-PISCES model with zoom on the Agulhas Current region (courtesy of S. Pous)

CROCO-PISCES model configuration of the Peruvian eastern boundary upwelling system (courtesy of F. Colas)
CROCO-PISCES model configuration of the Senegal upwelling system (courtesy of P. Chabert)