The PISCES Community


Pierre-Amaël Auger: Researcher at IRD

Olivier Aumont: Researcher at IRD, main developer of the PISCES Model

Nicolas Barrier: Research engineer at IRD

Houda Beghoura: Postdoctoral fellow at UBO

Sarah Berthet: Researcher at Météo-France

Laurent Bopp: Research director at CNRS

Pearse Buchanan: Postdoctoral researcher at University of Liverpool

Xavier Capet: Research director at CNRS

Pierre Chabert: PhD student at LOCEAN

Corentin Clerc: PhD Student at ENS

François Colas: Researcher at IRD

Jean-Claude Dutay: Researcher of Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin

Vincent Echevin: Researcher at IRD

Chistian Éthé: Research engineer at CNRS

Marion Gehlen: Research director at CNRS

Thomas Gorgues: Research engineer at IRD

Elodie Gutknecht: engineer at Mercator Ocean

Julien Jouanno: Research director at IRD

Daniela König: PhD student at University of Liverpool

Lester Kwiatkowski: Researcher at CNRS

Julien Lamouroux: Engineer at Mercator Ocean

Emmanuel Laurenceau-Cornec: Postdoctoral fellow at UBO

Claire Lévy: Research engineer at CNRS

Marina Lévy: Research director at CNRS

Olivier Maury: Research director at IRD

Laurent Mémery: Research director at CNRS

Abdelali El Moussaoui: Reasercher at Mercator Ocean

James Orr: Research director at CEA

Coralie Perruche: Engineer at Mercator Ocean

Renaud Person: Engineer at IRD

Anh Pham: Postdoctoral fellow at UCLA

Camille Richon: Postdoctoral fellow at UBO

Keith Rodgers: Senior Research Fellow at the IBS Center for Climate Physics

Yeray Santana-Falcón: Postdoctoral fellow at CNRM

Roland Séférian: Researcher at Météo-France

Alessandro Tagliabue: Professor at University of Liverpool