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Here is a non-exhaustive list of research papers in which the PISCES biogeochemical model has been used.

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Sarmiento, J L; Monfray, P; Maier-Reimer, E; Aumont, O; Murnane, R J; Orr, J C

Sea-air CO2 fluxes and carbon transport: A comparison of three ocean general circulation models Journal Article

In: Global Biogeochemical Cycles, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 1267–1281, 2000, ISSN: 1944-9224.

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Belviso, S; Aumont, O; Bopp, L; Bréon, F -M; Couvert, P; Monfray, P

Assessment of the Marine Biota DMS-cloud climate hypothesis using remotely sensed data and an ocean general circulation model Book Section

In: Bostater, C R; Santoleri, R (Ed.): Remote Sensing of the Ocean and Sea Ice, vol. 4172, pp. 102-110, 2000.

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